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Vet to Vet Maine is committed to alleviating social isolation and loneliness among Maine's veterans and linking them to needed services. We accomplish this by connecting trained veteran volunteers with fellow veterans who need a friend. The volunteers visit at least twice a month and provide companionship, offer assistance with benefits, support independent living, and foster friendships and mentoring among veterans.


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Lucas W.

“I am a volunteer in Central Maine. Over the past year, I have had a few matches. Even though some of them don't work out, the connection you make with the ones that do, is an amazing experience. It is a great feeling meeting Vets and listening to their stories and what they have done since leaving the military. It is very rewarding and I know for a fact we both are getting a lot out of these friendships. I highly recommend this experience to all of my fellow veterans and I spread the word as much as possible. I also want to thank Jen and Maggie for putting forth as much effort as they do when it comes to finding us matches. Without them, Vet2Vet wouldn't run as smoothly as it does currently.”

Tom D.

“l am on my third veteran. With my first, who l was with for close to five years, l not only became close to him but also inherited his entire family. The second veteran told me great stories of his time in the navy during the early days of the cold war and we had some great political discussions.  The third l am presently matched with was a college professor and we share our teaching stories over lunch every week and go for great drives. Vet2Vet has been one of the best volunteer experiences l have ever had in my life.”

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