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The Role Of A Peer Companion 

Peer Companions (Veteran Volunteers) can meet with their assigned veteran in the veteran’s home or may call the veteran at least twice a month. The two veterans together determine the time and length of visits. They may go out for coffee or lunch, visit military museums, play cards, swap stories, or any number of other pursuits of mutual interest. During the visits, the volunteer assesses the veteran’s condition and need for any services. If additional services are required, the volunteer refers the veteran to a Vet to Vet Maine supervisor for further assistance. If VA services are needed, the volunteer refers the veteran to a VA specialist (Maine Veterans’ Services or Vet Center). Volunteers may also attend a bimonthly case review and share their experiences in the program with other Vet to Vet volunteers. 

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Logging Hours

Use any of these methods to log your volunteer hours. 

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